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What is Good Niter

Good Niter is an easy to use Anti-snoring Mouth-Spray*
  • Good Niter is innovative and easy to use herbal spray that acts to help combat the main sources of snoring. With only one or two quick squirts before bed, you can eliminate the sounds of snoring throughout the night.*
  • Why should I choose Good Niter: Anti-Snoring Mouth-Spray?

    At some stage snoring is likely to disrupt your sleep or upset the sleep of someone you love. And nobody wants their noisy breathing to cause tension over breakfast. Good Niter is for you if you want a quick and effective way to help quieten the night-time throat orchestra
  • How it works:

    Good Niter Anti-Snoring mouth-spray contains active ingredients that help reduce vibrations and keep the key areas in your throat, mouth and nose lubricated throughout the night. The spray helps against the swelling in the throat that causes snoring. The action of selected herbs works to open up airways and clear out your sinuses while you sleep and help you breathe better through the night*.
    The active ingredients are herbal and Good Niter has no side effects.